Head chef料理長

Nobuyuki Nojiri


Ryokan Hotel Toyoko’s exclusive head chef
Master among the Federation of Chefs Japan, Inc.
Japanese cuisine specialized chef and culinary technician
Shizuoka Prefecture blowfish processing specialist

I’m from Yamagata Prefecture in Japan’s Tohoku region.
I have been working as Hotel Toyoko’s head chef since 2010.


Hotel Toyoko
Japanese style cuisine Courseホテル東横「日本食」コース

We provide well-known Japanese dishes, much-loved by our overseas guests, such as “sushi,” “tempura” and “Wagyu" (Japanese beef) steak.


6:00pm to 8:00 pm

Hotel Toyoko
Kaisekizen Courseホテル東横「会席膳」コース

Hotel Toyoko Tenpura Course

The Kaiseki multicourse meal is the most commonly served cuisine at onsen ryokans. Please enjoy our elaborate dishes, including sashimi, a boiled dish, a deep-fried dish, a hot pot dish and delicacies from the sea.


6:00pm to 8:00pm


Breakfast (Japanese style)朝食(和食)

Hotel Toyoko Washoku Course

This hotel’s standard breakfast is Japanese.
Ryokan guests will enjoy our Japanese-style breakfast, which includes dried fish and miso soup filled with many ingredients.

Breakfast (Westen style)朝食(洋食)

Hotel Toyoko Youshoku Course

If you prefer a Western-style breakfast, we are happy to accommodate you.
Some prior preparation is needed, however, so please let us know by dinner time.


8:00am to 9:00am

Eat out at
around the hotelホテル周辺の飲食店

Eat out at around the hotel

There are several restaurants within walking distance of our ryokan.
If your reservation is for bed-only, no meals, please venture out to one of the local restaurants.

Sushihide 鮨秀

  • Sushihide
  • Sushihide
  • Sushihide

Sushihide is a sushi restaurant. Enjoy, to your heart’s content, hand-shaped sushi prepared by a skilled chef, using delicacies from the nearby sea. English menu available.

Bon ボン

  • Bon
  • Bon

BON is a café that serves light meals, such as rice-filled omelets, fried noodles and sandwiches, during lunch time. At night it serves as a bar, where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Kurama 鞍馬

  • Kurama
  • Kurama
  • Kurama

Kurama is an Italian restaurant with a focus on pasta. Why not enjoy an Italian dinner while savoring a glass of wine?